How do I use Baumeister?

Just sign up by clicking “register”. After entering your personal detail, you will be able to start a free trial of our design services.

What does Baumeister do?


Baumeister is a large team of specialized slide designers. You can send us the slides that need some improvement. We take the slides, apply consistent styling – and simply make them more beautiful. Freeing up all the endless hours you waste on formatting slides. We work during the night when you sleep and deliver the freshly redesigned slides straight back into your PowerPoint in the morning.

What does Baumeister cost?

The first 10 slides are free of charge. Afterwards, you will be offered different plans to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

How quick do I get my slides back?

In 95% of the cases, you will have your slide back before the morning. In rare cases, our work can take up to 48h.

What if I have issues signing up?


Just send us an email at support@baumeister-ai.com or use the provided contact from.


What if I send confidential data?


All of our systems adhere to the highest standards in encryption and access control. The slides are being encrypted for every transfer and are being stored at certified and tested facilities. Our designers are intensely vetted, long-time employees, and bound by strict non-disclosure agreements. This ensures the highest standard of compliance and data security.


Is my data protected according to GDPR?


Yes, all data is handled according to GDPR-compliant processes.